Company history


It all started with an old mill, the Fischermühle.
This was the very first object that Hubert Baumgartner, the founder and present managing director of altholz, saved from destruction by reusing many of the floor boards, beams and other available materials. He was driven by the desire to preserve old things that he felt had not outlived their usefulness.
A “second chance” particularly for wood parts which have acquired a special character through their functionality, the signs of usage and the finishing marks they show and whose decade-old patina radiates with authenticity.
„…seeing how reclaimed wood comes to vibrant life in new products – this gives me enormous pleasure“


Reclaimed wood is pure pleasure in the original: we are your compentence center for developing products from reclaimed wood - products that give pleasure and inspiration to people worldwide. Original traces of old-world craftsmanship and elaborate woodworking methods together with traces of usage and natural aging have over many decades formed a patina of unequaled beauty that cannot be produced artificially.
The altholz


Today, the search for reclaimed wooden structures to dismantle encompasses much of the former Austro-Hungarian Danube monarchy.
Wood is being reclaimed from old farmhouses, stables, barns, factory buildings and old castles. It takes a lot of handiwork and sensitivity to avoid damage during dismantling and to preserve the authentic character.


In the meantime, more than 40 employees work with great enthusiasm to prepare antique wood for reuse.
We all share a deep respect for used materials and a good instinct for authenticity.
Pleasure in the original.

Impressions Altholz Production