Years of experience in the processing of original reclaimed wood and the continuous improvement of our processes guarantee quality standards which meet the highest expectations.


As your complete provider from raw material to ready-to-install products made from original reclaimed wood, we ensure that your project runs smoothly - from the careful selection of materials to reliable delivery. Everything from a single source.


Benefit from our continuous product improvement and use of new technologies that create exceptional products and services for your special project.

original reclaimed wood

We process and sell only original reclaimed wood, which has acquired its special character and its patina over decades of usage

...pleasure in the original!


If you have a feel for things that are real, you won't be able to resist the charisma of reclaimed wood.
From the very beginning, we have worked on preparing reclaimed wood for modern applications; wood that has a special character thanks to decades of use and wear and features traces of how it has been processed in the past. We are now able to cover all customer wishes as a complete supplier and in addition to providing quality and know how offer professional consulting for every project.
Altholz has 20 years of experience working with reclaimed wood.


Pure joy.

Reclaimed wood is real joy in the genuine article. As a competence centre for reclaimed wood, we develop products made of historical wood that radiate the joy of something special and inspire people all over the world.
The art is in preparing these natural and non-standardised pieces of wood in such a way that on the one hand the character is preserved and on the other hand further processing is easily possible.


The traces of old craftsmanship and elaborate woodworking methods, traces of use and natural ageing create an incomparable patina over many decades - something that cannot be produced artificially.

Our employees have now been working with great enthusiasm for over 20 years on reclaimed wood from old farmhouses, barns, grain stores, factories and other buildings. In order to preserve the real thing and avoid damage, you need heart, sensitivity and a lot of manual work.

Joy in the genuine article.

Experience Reclaimed Wood

Project Worlds

What unique and beautiful projects can arise when original reclaimed wood is processed, we show here in the altholz project worlds.

  • Discover wonderfully implemented projects of our customers and partners.
  • Find ideas for your own application or use this platform for your customers.
  • Experience for yourself how reclaimed wood changes the spatial effect.

House of ideas.

You can find the altholz-ideenhaus in Inzersdorf, at a distance of about 5 km from the altholz premises. Here it is possible to see a vast array of design possibilities and get a first-hand living experience.
Three different apartments are designed to give an impression of the basic themes: Oak, Granite and Color.
A distinct ambience for individualists who are looking for inspiration.

Original reclaimed wood PEFC certified!


PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus worldwide known. PEFC is the abbreviation for…


Merry Christmas 2020


An eventful year is coming to an end.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation and the many good talks.
We wish…


New line of acoustic products - Altholzsorber


original altholz surfaces with optimised room acoustics


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