The careful selection of old, reclaimed wood, its removal and professional preparation for sale internationally is our profession and passion. Markings made by tools and wear and tear, as well as natural weathering, create the unique, original surfaces. Without using energy. Without cutting down a tree. Traces of ancient craftsmanship and elaborate woodworking methods are stored stored in the wood along with the wear that it has borne.

This original patina tells many stories and inspires those who see it. We prepare this unique wood with history and character and make it suitable for a second life. High quality, ecologically sound, stable in value and sustainable.

The products are usually prepared by hand with great care and quality awareness, sorted and then packaged. As a complete provider, we supply raw materials, semi-finished products and ready-to-install products. Depending on customer requirements and their order volume, we can also supply large quantities for indoor and outdoor use.

... joy in the genuine article.

Our mission statement

This is the way we see ourselves…

  • We are a lively organisation!
  • Our employees are competent, innovative and our most important asset.
  • We celebrate our successes together.
  • Our quality of life is important to us.
  • We treat all people with respect.
  • We are unique!


We increase people's quality of life through the use of unique, historic wood.


By using original wood-based materials sustainably, we create joy and enthusiasm in the design of living spaces.

We achieve this through the unique combination of reclaimed wood building materials and modern technologies.

The things we do every day are guided by the careful use of nature's resources and a high sense of responsibility towards our employees and the society in which we live.

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