House of ideas.


It is almost unimaginable where all the venerable "building materials" come from. Every brick, every stone, every board, every beam tells a story.

Matured in different places, marked by traces of time, as if they had only waited to create a unique atmosphere again, to become alive and inhabited.

Modern building style and ecological technology give the Altholz house of ideas its special charm!

The Altholz house of ideas is located in Inzersdorf, around 5 km from the company premises.

Here it is possible to see a vast array of design possibilities and get a first-hand living experience.

Three different apartments are designed to give an impression of the basic themes: Oak, Granite and Colour.

A distinct ambience for individualists who are looking for inspiration.

... joy in the genuine article.


the experience of living between yesterday and tomorrow.
the holiday home. luxury steeped in history.

Holidays here are unique! Choose from three extraordinary apartments, each approximately 50 m2 in size.



The GRANITE apartment is dominated by a monumental fireplace, built with old granite window and door stones.

The fireplace has something archaic in itself and radiates more than just warmth.

And the rest? Rough surfaces and a colourful kitchen that contrasts with its lightness in a contrapuntal style.


The COLOR apartment proves that reclaimed wood is more than just rustic.

Its colourfulness and variety of combinations stimulates, conveys liveliness, and yet is balanced to radiate cosiness.

If old wood can look young, then it's here.


The OAK apartment is enriched with the noble character of oak wood.

Of course, the age of the wood used also plays a role, as do the many different ways in which its surface can be made to look - from rough sawn to hand planed.

Here, calm prevails - everything is solid, heavy and full of serenity.

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