"der baum" (the tree) - the innovative seminar center in Inzersdorf / Kremstal


Hubert Baumgartner, the founder of Altholz, Baumgartner & Co GmbH, is currently realizing his lifelong dream - the creation of a unique seminar center. Reclaimed wood is an integral part of the realization of this project.

In addition to the inspiring landscape, extraordinary architecture should also promote the physical and spiritual development of all seminar participants in "the tree", explains Hubert Baumgartner. The materials used in the construction and in particular their combination create a unique atmosphere of well-being.

Numerous Altholz and Madame Patina details help the guests of the seminar center not only a protected feeling but also an "earthing" by using this traditional material with a lot of history. Last but not least, reclaimed wood is also the ideal material to combine sophisticated design with sustainable use of building materials.

Already at the altholz house of ideas, Hubert Baumgartner shows a lot of sensitivity for "the tree" for holistic approaches in the area of tension between unusual use of materials, well-being and the creation of unique structures.
You are welcome to inspect the property and the entire area for inspiration by making an appointment. the tree contact

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