Acoustics with original reclaimed wood surfaces.

Together with our partner TRIKUSTIK, we have developed this unique collection to combine our original altholz surfaces with optimised room acoustics. Trikustik is a company firmly rooted in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria that places great value on wood, a material that it specialises in processing with great attention to detail. Since 2007, they have been developing and manufacturing high quality acoustic panels made of wood and wood materials for walls, ceilings, cabinet panels and many other applications to optimise the acoustics within a room.

The new Altholzsorber* collection brings together in one product the specialist knowledge and decades of experience of two companies. We now offer a comprehensive range of products with approved sound absorption characteristics in addition to our original altholz collection. These products are ideal for acoustically demanding rooms in restaurants, hotels, offices and many other situations.

* sorbere (Latin)….slurp, swallow, absorb


  • Old oak. orig. surface
  • Orig. Sunburnt
  • Sawn timber
  • Old oak. sawn

Overview of Acoustics

Acoustic perforations

Altholz supplies the high quality raw material. Trikustik provides the acoustic activation with special ports and slots.

Combined with the necessary insulation, the panels are optimum "sound swallowers" for every application.



h... total construction from the wall
d... insulation



Composition and installation

Cladding for walls and ceilings can be easily composed of various materials (wood or metal). Depending on the acoustic requirements, a layer of soundproofing material is usually installed behind the panel. This material consists of either sheep's wool or mineral wool. Our NUTFORM panel is especially easy to install thanks to the seamless tongue in groove joint.

More information on preparation work and practical installation tips is available here: Installation

Manufacturer information

Detailed information but also general knowledge about room acoustics, installation, specifications and much more are always best firsthand.

Follow this link directly to the manufacturer: Altholzsorber by Trikustik

This is an excerpt from our standardized product range, just to give you some idea of the possibilities.
Pictures only serve as an example.  Variations in structure and colour are specific to the material.

If you have special requirements, we will be pleased to make you a tailor-made offer.