MADAME PATINA specializes in beautifully finished materials from original and painted reclaimed wood for furniture, wall paneling, floors and ceilings.

Design & Konzept: Christian Loikits

The exterior PATINA is the very soul of our products. Decades of exposure to sun, wind and rain have left their traces,as have prior forms of usage.

Time has changed the surface of the wood, adding to its beauty and character.

Madame Patina uses RECLAIMED WOOD as its raw material.

The wood is reclaimed from old buildings, cleaned, de-nailed and kiln dried. Ready for re-use, the wood is then processed with the utmost care, mostly for multilayer products.

A geometric basic design brings STRUCTURE and CONTRAST.

The combination of variegated surfaces from reclaimed wood creates looks that range from textile to picturesque impressions, making our products a playground for inexhaustible sensual experiences.

Choose from our BROAD RANGE of finishes and products from reclaimed wood with surfaces left in their original condition, showing traces of old paint or painted with ecologically friendly UV-resistant paint.

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Our customers mainly work in the areas of CRAFTS, SHOPFITTING and INTERIOR DESIGN.

What connects them and Madame Patina is the love of modern DESIGN and exceptional wood finishing that has a story to tell.

Madame Patina products can be easily worked and processed.

With a wide range of application possibilities and fitting or laying techniques, there is plenty of room for CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.

Our products are produced in a professional and flexible manner, with great ATTENTION TO DETAIL and a good deal of manual craftsmanship.

The team around Madame Patina® has great expertise in handling reclaimed wood and is your professional partner and supplier of individual as well as large-scale interior solutions.

Conception & graphic design: Christian Loikits

Pictures: Doris Meixner

MADAME PATINA® is a trademark of Altholz, Baumgartner & Co GmbH.

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