Original Hand Hewn.

Using a broadaxe to square logs is an ancient technique for hewing round timber into beams. The hand-hewn surface shows the marks of countless blows of the axe, giving it a lively appearance. Modern sawmills have wiped out these traditions of old craftsmanship.

Due to their unique appearance, original hand-hewn surfaces are either reinstated as load-bearing elements or used for wall coverings, ceilings and for making furniture.

They convey a warm feel and are suitable for antique surroundings as well as modern elements.


    Overview of

    This is an excerpt from our standardized product range, just to give you some idea of the possibilities.
    Pictures only serve as an example.  Variations in structure and colour are specific to the material.

    If you have special requirements, we will be pleased to make you a tailor-made offer.