Benefit from reclaimed wood with classified fire behaviour!

Written by Aleksandra on 05.11.2018

3-layer Panels with EN-13501-1 classification

Benefit from reclaimed wood with classified fire behaviour!

Many of our clients work in the building industry and construction sector. Standards and classifications, in particular fire resistance, form the basis for the application of all building materials.

In the case of original reclaimed wood products, which naturally have very individual properties, it is often not easy to meet standards that are tailored to standardized products. Of course, we have nevertheless tried to find a solution for our customers!

In a complex and lengthy process, we have had the fire behaviour of our products classified in accordance with ÖNORM EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009 together with the Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research (IBS). The various original reclaimed wood surfaces were tested and classified in standardized test arrangements. Therewith, the reclaimed wood 3-layer products can be used in any public construction project that requires a verifiable fire behaviour!






3-layer panels with original reclaimed wood surfaces: EN 13501-1: D-s1,d0

Panels/panelling with original reclaimed wood surfaces-3D: EN 13501-1: D-s2,d0

Fire behaviour classification schematic:







Classification of evidence

If you need the official proof of classification for your project, please request it from us.

By Email: or directly from your account manager

3-layer Panels with EN-13501-1 classification