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Friederike Baumgartner

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A-4565 Inzersdorf im Kremstal

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Used Products


In our in-house joinery we manufacture among other things, tables of our exclusive materials and surfaces to suit your needs! No mass production but custom-made. As each piece of wood is unique with us, also every product made is unique. Customer needs are our top priority as well as each client is unique. As suggestions you will find here some photos of the tables we already made. Please contact us with your personal furniture plans.[[sitetree_link id=54]]

3-layer panels sunburnt surface

3-layer panel with original sunburnt surface - light brown Art.Nr. 10121

Sawn timber beams - oak raw

Sawn timber from middle layer beams - oak Art.Nr. 10184

Planks hand hewn solid

Planks with original hand hewn surface Art.Nr. 10095


In our in-house joinery we manufacture frames for beds based on your specifications.

Table top solid - oak

Solid wood table top with original surfaces - oak Art.Nr. 10176