Sawn timber beams - oak raw

Sawn timber from middle layer beams - oak

Art.Nr. 10184

Sawn timber from the middle layer of old beams,  nail-free, sorted into batches according to length in meter steps and of uniform thickness

Special requirements are subject to a surcharge:
steaming (incl. kiln drying 12%)            
*kiln drying (+/-12%)

Our products are not chemically treated against worms.
In undried items an infestation with worms is possible and is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We also offer „kiln-drying“ for all our products so as to exclude the danger of active insect infestation on delivery. We cannot exclude or prevent a re-infestation after delivery and therefore we suggest preventive treatment against worm re-infestation.


Tischproject Bodner

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Pharmacy Made by:

Olina Kitchen

Planning: olina Küchen Sonnfeldstraße 1 4710  Grieskirchen T: +43-7248-64499-0 F: +43-7248-64499-9

Projekt 11

Made by: Kreateam / Tischlerei Kirchdorf[]

Haus Kogler

Rooms to rent... Friederike Baumgartner Am Inslingbach 44 A-4565 Inzersdorf im Kremstal Tel.: +43 7582 81 625 web: Auf Ihr Kommen freut sich  [//]  [//]  [//]  [//]  [//]  [//]

Hotel Mooser

The Mooser Hotel


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interior design 03

Wohnen by Hoflehner Shown on the trade show Design Linz 2011 reclaimed oka table plate on a frame from Ligne Rose and windowsill made in our workshop assambled[]

interior design


The BIO-Adler Hotel/Restaurant