Log walls sunburnt solid

original solid sunburnt log walls in mixed colors of grey and brown, or stron brushed to light brown


Width: 12-40cm (+/- 2cm) 

Thickness: 120-180mm (+/- 2mm) 

Length: 1-5m

Type of wood: Spruce/fir/pine

Customized solutions include: denailed with detector, brushed, steamed, edged, machine hewn, kiln-dried (12% ±2%), sorting according to a wood list
Our products are not chemically treated against worms. In undried items an infestation with worms is possible and is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We also offer „kiln-drying“ for all our products so as to exclude the danger of active insect infestation on delivery. We cannot exclude or prevent a re-infestation after delivery and therefore we suggest preventive treatment against worm re-infestation¬.
Packaging: Batches contain sorted products in assorted lengths and uniform widths, tied with a plastic strap.
"In batches" means that batches are in stock, tied and ready for dispatch. Quantity as indicated.

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